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Below are five newspaper obituaries, copied from the genealogy materials of the late Josephine House, daughter of Joseph Thomas Maddrey Jr. Researchers interested in his descendants may be find them useful, since they provide names and details about surviving relatives...

Obituary: EDDIE H. MADDREY (1897)

Mr. and Mrs. [Ryland David] Barnes Maddrey arrived last Thursday A.M. on the 5:30 train bringing with them the remains of their son, Eddie, who was a member of the junior class of the A & M College at Raleigh. He died in that city of typhoid fever on the afternoon of the 13th inst., in his eighteenth year. He was attended by two of the best physicians and nurses that Raleigh could afford, but nothing could stay the icy hands of death. Two of his fellow students, Messrs. Owen & Toy, accompanied his parents home. He was an exemplary member of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. His funeral was preached Thursday afternoon, by his paster, Rev. A. Cree, and a large and sympathizing audience [unreadable section] interred in the [unreadable section] burial ground [unreadable section] is now enjoying that rest prepared for the children of God, for on the morning of the day of his death he came [unreadable section] bedside and embraced both, after which his father asked him how he felt about dying, he replied with a smile, "I am willing to die, Papa, for I'm trusting in Jesus." It is hard indeed to give up such a promising son as he, but, dear parents, remember God makes no mistake. The floral tributes presented by the Leazar Society and class of '99 were as handsome as could be. We deeply sympathize with his fond, heartbroken parents, sister and brothers, the only solace we can proffer is in the words of our dear Savior. "Our light afflictions, which are but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory."
- "Old Zick" (Rowena Milner Stephenson), Oct. 16, 1897

The Raleigh News and Observer contained the following account of his death:

"The flag at the North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College is at half mast. One of the cadets is dead. At 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon Mr. E.H. Maddrey, a member of the junior class, died in teh college infirmary, in the eighteenth year of his age. Mr. Maddrey came from his home at Seaboard, in Northampton county, a few weeks ago quite unwell. Shortly after he entered upon his regular work he found that he was not well enough to go on, and went to the infirmary. During his sickness, of about 8 days, Drs. Roger and Royster were with him constantly and Miss Wynche and Miss Rose Hill nursed him with a consideration and kindness that his friends will always remember. His father and mother were both with him the last week of his sickness.

"Mr. Maddrey was a member of the Baptist church, and was an industrious, manly, upright young man with a pleasant warm-hearted nature, and made and maintained many friends during his stay of two years at the college. In college his dilligence and promptness in the discharge of duty endeared him to the faculty and to the students, and his entire uprightness of character and of life win him the sincere respect and esteem of those associated with him. The body was taken hom this morning on the 2 o'clock Seaboard train for burial in the family cemetery.

"He was one of the brightest and best young men in the college. Though barely seventeen, he was a member of the Junior class and prominent in many phrases in student life. His parents were for him the last week, though themselves ill in bed when notified of his illness. The body was accompanied by his parents and Messrs. E.B. Owen and F.M. Foy, of the Leazar Society, to Seaboard, Northampton county, where the interment will be to day. A special escort of twelve from the Leazar Society guarded the body until placed on the Atlanta special at 2:16 a.m. Beautiful floral tributes were presented by the class of '99 and the Leazard Society."


Transported from his home in Seaboard to his home in Heaven, Wayland Barnett Maddrey, eighth child of the ten of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Maddrey on last Saturday morning. My heart is still too tender to do full justice to such a subject. Last Wednesday afternoon, he complained some of his head; next morning, he had a fever. When Dr. Stephenson, the family physician was called in, and though he worked with accustomed faithfulness, spinal meningetis took our dear Wayland from us at 3:30 last Saturday morning. He was strangely conscious to the last, recognizing each one who spoke to him. His devoted mother, unaccustomed to sickness among her children, was hopeful of his recovery till he smiled with his eyes in hers, hands under his head. That smile, his parting benediction, will ever remain a treasured memory; but the shock of his death so prostrated her, she never looked upon his sweet face again. Wayland had just entered his sixth year, was the frailest and the most beautiful of the ten, and as much beloved by his half brother and sisters as his own.

With his lovely curls, girlish timidity, his laughing, almost speaking, eyes and gentle ways, he was a peculiarly attractive child, and universally popular, especially with his little playmates, who formed a procession with the crowd to the Seaboard Baptist church where funeral obsequies were performed, by Mr. J.R. Taylor the paster of his parents. So tender and sweet were his prayer and words of sympathy! they touched every heart in his large audience, and brought comfort to the still prostrated mother at home. From the church, Wayland's precious remains were deposited under a flower covered mound, in the family burying ground near the home, where his bright sweet presence has left an aching void which none but God can fill. His dear aged father has been deeply stirred and broken in spirit by this manifestation of Divine love and mercy. To me, Wayland's short suffering and sudden call seems more like translation than death, and I feel so sure of his eternal safety that I would not, if I could, call him back to suffer and die again. "And a child shall lead them", surely none can doubt this truth, since the home here yesterday, seemed almost the very gate to Heaven, through God's way of softening hearts and bringing the long estranged ones to mingle tears over the common sorrow of bereavement, and pronounce praise and thanksgiving for long deferred reunion.

O God of love and mercy, keep those who profess to be thine own, in closer, sweeter touch with Thee and bring those who have not given their hearts and lives to Thee, and Thy service, to know speedily how sweet and safe it is to trust Thee, and live the 'life hid with Christ in God.'
-Anna H. Darden (Seaboard, NC)


Seaboard, Aug. 7 - Harry L. Maddrey died at his home in Seaboard, Saturday, August 2, at 3am, at the age of 43 years, of heart failure, following a brief illness with influenza. For several years he held a position at West Marion, S.C., and at the time of his death at Emporia, Va.... Mr. Maddrey is survived by his mother, Mrs. R.M. Maddrey, of Seaboard, and the following sisters and brothers: Miss Marguerite Maddrey, of Seaboard; Mrs. J.A. Harris, of Weldon; Miss Josie Maddrey, of Norfolk; H. Carlton Maddrey, O. Wendell, E. Bailey, J. Mitchell, C. Gordon and M. Crocker, all of Seaboard; J.T. Maddrey, of Weldon, and Zeb V. Maddrey, of Indianapolis, Ind.

Obituary: ELLA JOSIE MADDREY (1953)

Seaboard - Miss E. Josie Maddrey, daughter of the late Ella Millar and J.T. Maddrey, died Saturday afternoon in the Roanoke Rapids Hospital following a brief illness. For the past 50 years she lived in Norfolk, where she was employed during the last 11 years in the City Welfare Department. Since her retirement in June she has made her home in Seaboard.

Surviving are the following sisters and brothers: Mrs. James Harris, Washingotn D.C.; Miss Marguerite Maddrey, Seaboard; Z.V. Maddrey, Indianapolis, Ind; Carl Maddrey, Seaboard; Mitchell Maddrey, Seaboard; J.T. Maddrey, Weldon; E. Bailey Maddrey, New York City; Gordon Maddrey, Ahoskie; Dr. Crocker Maddrey, Roanoke Rapids; a number of nieces and nephews.


Seaboard - Miss Marguerite W. Maddrey, postmaster here for nearly 10 years, died Wednesday. A graduate of Meredith College, she was a retired school teacher and a member of Seaboard Baptist Church. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Lillie M. Harris of Washington; and three brothers, Judge J.T. Maddrey of Weldon, C. Gordon Maddrey of Raleigh and Dr. Crocker Maddrey of Roanoke Rapids.

Researchers seeking additional information on the family of Howard Carlton Maddrey (1890 - 1966) might be interested in "Our Church Then and Now: A History of Seaboard Methodist Church 1880 - 1958," posted online at the Northampton County Digital Library.

Researchers seeking additional information on Emerson Bailey Maddrey (1894 - 1955) can review his military record on the following webpage:

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