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James Thomas Maddrey, son of William and Sally Maddrey, was born around 1806 in Northampton County, North Carolina. He had three younger brothers – Henry White Maddrey (August 24, 1810 – July 20, 1867), Nathaniel F. Maddrey (born around 1813), and Anderson J. Maddrey (born around 1814, died in 1888); and at least two sisters – Mary (born around 1817) and Rebecca (born around 1819). Mary married William J. Taylor in 1837; Rebecca married Littleberry Stephenson in 1839. One family researcher says that James also had an older sister named Sally, who married Richard Inman in 1837.

James settled in Seaboard, where he was an early member of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. He helped to select the site of the church building, which was completed in 1847. The church still sits near the intersection of Mt. Carmel Road (Route 1333) and the Jackson Bypass (Route 1311). There were Maddreys in the congregation as late as 1950 and, for all I know, there may still be Maddreys in the congregation today. For a brief history of the church, see:

James and his wife homesteaded near the church, on a run of Gay’s Mill near the Corduroy Swamp. Today, this area is known as Taylor’s Mill. According to Northampton County Deed Book 38, pg 392, James made his will in 1866, dividing this land among eight of his children and one grandchild. He gave:
54 acres to Henry Carter Maddrey (born around 1830), who may have been the second husband of Laura J. Sears
51 ¼ acres to his daughter Sarah (born around 1831) and her husband Thomas H. Long
55 ½ acres to his daughter Martha (born around 1833) and her husband William F. Stephenson
44 acres to William Joseph Maddrey (born around 1838), who married Susanna Jane Buxton in 1859
55 ¼ acres to his son Joseph Thomas Maddrey (August 24, 1842 – October 30, 1912), who married Mary L. Edwards in 1866
48 ¼ acres to Caroline Virginia Maddrey (born around 1846), wife of Littleton Ben Franklin Stephenson
49 ¾ acres to Rufus Barrow Maddrey (born around 1848), husband to Junetta H. Rochelle
52 ¼ acres to Ryland David Barnes Maddrey (Nov. 1851 – 1929), husband to Mattie Long
and 51 ¼ acres to Alberta Whitehead (born around 1856). Alberta was the daughter of Nathaniel Whitehead and Mary E. Maddrey (born around 1835). Mary died during childbirth, and Alberta was raised by her grandmother.
James and Elizabeth also had one child who died before she was of a marriageable age. Her name was Emily, and she was born around 1844.

This information is based on the research of three very diligent family researchers: Ed Barnes, Olivia Maddrey McNeill, and the late Josephine House.

I would love to hear from descendants who can offer more information on each of these lines.


  1. Anonymous11/24/2011

    Hello! I descend from Rufus and Junie Maddrey. Their daughter Ruth Edna married Richard Lee Long. Lillie Gladys Long, my great grandmother was Rufus' granddaughter. I love the info you have posted on the Maddrey's. Just wondering if anyone has info on Junie's family?

  2. I descend from the husband of Alberta J. Whitehead. Alberta married Walter Raleigh Barrett, and she died in 1903. W.R. Barrett then married Lala Jane Parker. I am descended from this line. Even so, learning of the Whitehead family has been very interesting. Alberta's mother Mary E. was alive in 1860 (M. E. Whitehead in the US Census, Nathaniel died in abt. 1854. He names Mary E. and Alberta in his will) and Alberta was 3 years old in the 1860 census. Mother and daughter are listed right after a Maddrey family in Northampton Co., NC. I have not found them in the 1870 census.