Sunday, June 17, 2012

MOVIES MADE ME #46: Father's Day Edition

Movies that remind me of my dad....

1) BIG (because it cracks him up when Tom Hanks sings "Memories" to his mother)

2) UNCLE BUCK (because we both wanted John Candy at our family reunions... especially at breakfast time)

3) YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (because he rented this for me before I even knew who Mel Brooks was)

4) UNFORGIVEN (because it was the first R-rated movie he took me to see in the theater... and it was so much better than the second R-rated movie we saw together in the theater.  Anyone remember Steven Seagal's directorial debut, ON DEADLY GROUND?)

5) NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION (because we watch it every Christmas and never get tired of quoting it)

6) FLETCH LIVES! (because he's a preacher in the South... and he can laugh about it)

7) ALMOST FAMOUS (because, like all of the truly interesting people in the world, he gets obsessed with music)

8) SIDEWAYS (because it taught him to love the grape)

9) A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT (because he's the kind of father who doesn't talk much, but says a lot)

10) ON GOLDEN POND (because no matter how crazy he gets, I'll always love him)

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  1. Wonderful collection of films and memories, Joe. Perfect for this day. Well done.