Friday, June 11, 2010

Nightmares in Red White and Blue on VOD and DVD

Gravitas Ventures has acquired the Video-on-Demand rights for Nightmares in Red White and Blue. Beginning on July 1, the documentary will be available across North America through Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

Lorber Films has acquired all theatrical and DVD rights in the U.S. and Canada for Nightmares in Red, White an Blue. The company plans to release the documentary in additional film festivals, specialty theaters and college venues starting in July, prior to a DVD release on September 28.


  1. Congratulations Joe! This is richly deserved, and awesome news!

  2. Thanks, Jim! I'm just happy that people will finally be able to watch the thing...

  3. Henry Parke6/22/2010

    Good luck with it, Joe -- I can't wait to see it! It was great meeting you at Eddie Brandt's. Your blog is fascinating -- now I've got to rent CHINA 7!

  4. Laura Holt6/29/2010

    You know I'm looking forward to its release in the UK and I know of at least one person who'd like to know when it will be in Australia. Actually several. Also South Africa.

  5. Laura - I know we've already been released on DVD and Blu-Ray in Germany, and we're in talks with a UK distributor. I'll keep you posted!