Saturday, October 02, 2010


In the weeks between the DVD release of NIGHTMARES IN RED WHITE AND BLUE and All Hallow's Eve, I thought I’d take time to highlight some great horror films that aren’t included in my documentary. In 96 minutes, NIRWAB references approximately 250 films… but, of course, this barely scratches the surface of “classic horror.” With that in mind, I’ve given myself a task for the next few weeks. For each decade between the 1930s and the 2000s, I’m going pick ten additional films to highlight...

1) Horror Hotel (1960)

2) Peeping Tom (1960)

3) The Innocents (1961)

4) The Haunting (1963)

5) Wait Until Dark (1963)

6) Lady in a Cage (1964)

Darren Lynn Bousman on Lady in a Cage: "There is a movie I’ve seen over and over again... I show it to people when they first meet me, because it’s something I want everyone to see. It's a movie called Lady in a Cage. It’s an old film, James Caan’s first movie, and it’s about a lady who gets trapped in an elevator between the third floor and first floor in her house. And this group of hooligans break into her house and they just hold her there and torture her there for days. There’s no blood, no violence - but it’s a horrific movie. And it’s one of those movies that stayed with me long after I first saw it."

7) Kwaidan (1964)

8) Repulsion (1965)

9) The Devil Rides Out (a.k.a. The Devil's Bride, 1967)

10) Witchfinder General (a.k.a. The Conqueror Worm, 1968)

I only watched 1 new movie this week, but it was a hell of a good one... certainly worthy of this list:

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