Saturday, June 30, 2012

Filming Locations Grab Bag

Over the past six years, I've visited quite a few filming locations in southern California.  While looking through the photos recently, I realized that a few of them have never made it onto this blog.  Can you name the films and/or TV series that correspond to these sites?  (There are multiple answers for some of them...)

#1. Griffith Observatory - seen in THE TERMINATOR, etc. (per Josef)
#2. Central Perk set from FRIENDS on the Warner Brothers backlot (per Josef)
#3. (hint: from a 1980s horror movie)
#4 (hint: from a TV show)
#5. Paramount Gate from SUNSET BOULEVARD (per Terri)
#6. The McFly house from BACK TO THE FUTURE, in Pacoima (per Josef)
#7. Franklin Canyon from the opening of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (per Terri)
#10 (hint: David Lynch)
#11 (hint: film noir)
#13 The Godspeed Motel from NEAR DARK (per rainswept)
#14 (hint: John Carpenter)


  1. I have a couple of almost identical photos from my last visit to LA.

    Number 1 is Griffith Park Observatory and has been in many films like The Terminator and Bowfinger and the pilot episode of MacGyver...too many movies to list, really.

    Number 2 is on the Warner lot, the Friends Central Perk coffee shop. It's not identical since they had to make accommodations to the size of the room. So, it's much smaller than the real set was. Plus, there's a supporting beam in the room that wasn't in the set, obviously they can't take that out. But it has all the props from that set. And that espresso coffee machine, the guy who played Gunther, he got the role just because he said he knew how to operate it...and the role got bigger and bigger here and there over time.

    Number six is the McFly house from the Back to the Future movies. Apparently the street which we see the Delorean drive on, is a different street, close by. I didn't bother to check that, it looked the same to me.

    Not sure about the other pictures, I leave it to other people to figure them out.

    Cheers from Iceland!
    - Jósef

  2. Josef - 3 for 3!

  3. #5 - "Sunset Boulevard" among many others. Long live William Holden.

  4. Should we be whistling on #7?

  5. Terri -

    Indeed. I'll give you that one.

  6. Is #13 the Godspeed Motel?

  7. Well played, rainswept. According to a reliable source, this is the Godspeed Motel from NEAR DARK.